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What Makes Kimary a Great Place to Work?

At Kimary, we know that diverse and inclusive professionals drive innovative results.

As female founders, we are lucky to have people who support and guide us in our journey. To pay it forward as a company, we’re committed to elevating underrepresented minorities in the food industry by inviting them to join our journey to help educate, and support them.

Maryam Malayeri, president, Kimary Consulting,

a certified minority, women-owned business enterprise


There is such a variety of different projects – each with its own exciting challenges – we are asked to solve for our clients. Every project will add to your knowledge and accelerate your development.


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We recruit from a wide range of backgrounds. Our goal is to support women – and men – and give back to the community, especially women's charities.


We are hiring both nationally and internationally. Our office is headquartered in the U.S. but we plan to open offices globally.


You can achieve rapid career progression at Kimary. You’ll spend between two and three years at each level as you progress towards Partner ship (Offering).


Depending on your personal performance, you could be celebrating your election to the partnership in less than a decade after you join the company.

Come be a part of something big!

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Together, we’re on a mission to create a world where we help each other.

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